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Eric Demay is the founder and President of "L'Observatoire DOLPHY" between 1992 and 1995 and of the Tursiops group since 1993.

He has worked with dolphins since 1992 with cetaceans in Australia.

His ability to communicate with wild dolphins gives him the opportunity to work as a healer at the DOLPHIN DISCOVERY CENTER, and he takes care of the female Sarana. This female presented her delphineau freshly born. One day after this newborn dies and his mother found it difficult to accept mourning dragging her baby for several days in the waters of the bay. Eric had been tasked with caring for this helpless mother and recovering her little one.

At Monkey Mia he assists the rangers of Shark Bay. His job is to participate in the feeding organized by the Australian state. At Coff Harbor, still in Australia, he works with dolphins in captivity. His job is to entertain the animals in the evening after the shows to ensure them less stressful days.

In France, he was employed between 1992 and 1995 by the scientific group GECEM (Groupe d'Etudes de Cétacés de Méditerranée) as "study officer" for the monitoring, protection and study of Dolphy Dolphin in Collioure. He lives 24 hours a day with this dolphin for almost three years. He studies this dolphin and learns a multitude of information about the so-called "ambassador" dolphins.

 He then experiences a system of communication between man and the dolphin. Since then, Eric Demay has met several thousands of dolphins in all the oceans of the World.

He is inevitably a specialist in dolphins ambassadors: Dolphy of course but also Fanny and Jean-Floch in France, Nicky, Piccolo, Surprise, Puck, Sarana, Tangles, Holeyfin in Australia, Laura in Egypt ...

During his travels he also swims with other marine species such as whale sharks, Dugongs, Mantas rays, Sea lions, humpback whales, blue whales ...

Several Tv shows present its actions with cetaceans:

(Ushuaia, The march of the century, Ecolo6, Plein les yeux, newspaper 13 and 20h of TF1, FR2, FR3, NHK JAPAN ...)

In 1996, he made his first documentary "Man and dolphin: how to use" with Jean-Marc Barr (Le Grand Bleu), who won first prize at the Ilckirch International Film Festival in 1997. Shooting in France, Spain , the USA, Australia and the Bahamas to meet the US Navy dolphins "ambassador" and US Navy dolphins.

In 2000, in collaboration with the Instituto Oceanographique des Embiez, he observed the behavior of a group of blue and white dolphins who had returned to the port. His method of inter-species communication allows him to save the life of a dolphin by removing a hook stuck in his mouth: TV broadcast on TF1, FR3 and TMC.

Since 2011, he has been closely involved in the behavior of Red Sea dolphins and has been working with various organizations to study and protect Tursiops aduncus dolphins.

He became director of eco-volunteer placements organized by the association Tursiops since 2012.

From now on, Eric Demay, author of several books on dolphins and cetaceans: "The man who spoke to the dolphins", "Die Botschaft der Delfine", "Dolphins, whales and sperm whales" meets dolphins all over the world (Australia, Bahamas, Japan, Polynesia, Zanzibar, Egypt ...) and shares his skills with different scientific groups.

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French TV, recue of a stripe dolphiin, 2000

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Eric Demay

Eric Demay and the female Joséphine , movie the BIG BLUE 1995

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