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The Dolphins:

"I did not choose to work with these dolphins by hasard . I met a lot of these dolphins around the world and I need a lot of favorable conditions for real encounters: easy contact with dolphins, warm waters, good visibility under water.

In Egypt they sleep inside the lagoons so we have  a certain problem of ethics. Important for me.

The dolphins of the Hurghada region (those we are studying) are those of the species Tursiops aduncus we have strong opportunities to communicate and play with them . With the Tursiops (at least those I know personally), they come to meet us and are often active with us. However, a group may also refuse contact for vital problems (sleep, hunting, education of young people, protection of newborns, etc.). We have to respect their wild behavior.

During  my first day with them a female came to me and gave me  me a branch of coral that she found at the bottom of the lagoon.

The situation recurred during my second stay with another dolphin. During the "GRAND BLEU" workshop that I organized in Hurghada in April 2013, two dolphins brought shells or corals to my trainees !!

In austalia, in 1992, a female Tursiops aduncus introduced me to her baby just after her birth.

Another delphine gave me a fish ... The Tursiops aduncus are really extraordinary, from my point of view they have  the most beautiful of the 46 species of delphinids existing, they are curious, players, very friendly and sometimes surprising!

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