nager avec les dauphins sauvages

The courses begin officially on Saturdays. We pick you up at the airport on Saturday. Welcome on the boat all day, and briefing in the late afternoon. Installation in the cabins ... We sleep on the boat in a private Marina, closed and guarded. We leave the next morning around 8 or 9 o'clock. So possible also to come during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The return of the trip is Friday in the late afternoon, we can sleep on the boat the night from Friday to Saturday with breakfast on Saturday morning. Generally return flights are in the night from Friday to Saturday.

The week on the boat, we move from lagoon to lagoon and we  search the dolphins, all meals are insured on board.

There are two showers and toilets outside the cabins. And one private shower for the girls.

You need your own snorkeling equipment (fins, mask and snorkel), we advise you to have your equipment and to practice a little in swimming pool with before your arrival.

Visa is taken when arriving at the airport. They sell you the VISA (stamp)  that they stick  in your passport. For information, visa requirements change regularly in Egypt, inquire on the internet.

In April, the water is at about 24 degrees, the Summer turns around 27 or 28 degrees, in January we had 23 degrees, the evenings are pleasant. For the Easter or Pentecost season, take a Shorty if you are of the cold type. We advise you a combination of 5 mm if you are chilly!

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